Research Programmes



The management and organization of research programmes leading to the Ph.D. degree shall remain vested with the Research Council subject to the general approval of the Academic Council.

Any person having Master’s Degree of this University or from any University recognized by the GU in a subject in the Faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Technology, Fine Arts, Engineering Science and Medical Science or other professional subjects of the Gauhati University with not less than 55 (fifty five) percent marks or equivalent grade in the subject may apply for admission to the Ph.D. programme in the subject in which he has the Master’s Degree or in an allied subject to be considered by respective DRC/FRC. It is provided that a person holding a Second class Master’s Degree of this University in his or her subject with at least 10 years teaching or research experience in an affiliated degree college or institution within the state of Assam or a SC/ST candidate holding a Masters Degree of this University with minimum 50% marks in Masters degree may be considered eligible by the Research Council. In case of Medical Sciences the rules of Medical Council of India/CCIH will be followed.

The candidates having M.Ed. degree and a Master’s Degree in another subject may be considered for Ph.D. on a topic relating to Education, Education System, Curriculum, Teaching methods, Educational Technology, etc. not related to his/her subject in the Master’s Degree. Such candidates shall be registered in the Department of Education with a co-guide from the parent department. He/She shall have to appear in the admission test to be conducted by the parent department. However, he/she has to undertake Course work in the Education Department.

Candidates intending to pursue research programmes leading to Ph.D. Degree in any PG Department of the University shall have to appear in an admission test. Admission to the candidates shall be made on the basis of entrance test (for details please refer to Annexure-I), to be held every year sometimes in the month of Nov/Dec by the Departments. However, admission for awardees of Fellowships, etc. will be considered by the DRC/FRC when deemed necessary.

The DRC/FRC will decide the number of scholars to be admitted in a particular session and number of scholars to be allotted to a guide. There should not be more than 8 (eight) scholars in total under a guide at any point of time, excluding those Research Scholars who have submitted the thesis for evaluation. For the purpose of ascertaining the number of Ph.D. Scholar, the status of Co-guide and Guide will be the same.

Candidates may also be admitted under the guidance of retired teachers of the University up to the age of 70 years with the approval of DRC/FRC.

Candidates serving in an institution/organisation other than the Gauhati University shall be required to submit a no-objection certificate from his/her employer along with the application. Otherwise no application will be accepted by the concerned DRC.

The students declared eligible for admission will be provisionally admitted on payment of prescribed fees.
In the event of a scholar pursuing the research programme on a topic with ramifications stretching to two or more disciplines he/she may apply to work under supervision of two guides not from the same discipline. The Ph.D. Committee (Please see Annexure-VI for constitution of Ph.D. Committee) after scrutinizing the research proposal submitted by the candidate will take the final decision. The scholars pursuing research programme in an institution outside this University shall have to take a Joint Guide from the University Department if found necessary by the DRC.
Every application for provisional registration for Ph.D. Degree shall be placed along with the synopsis of the proposed research before a Ph.D. Committee consisting of the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of the Faculty concerned, the Head of the Department concerned (where applicable) and the guide(s). The Ph.D. Committee shall consider the recommendation of DRC/FRC. The Ph.D. Committee may then approve the provisional registration of a candidate for the Ph.D. Degree. On his/her candidature being provisionally accepted by the Ph.D. Committee, the applicant shall be provisionally registered on such condition and on such topics as may be fixed by the Ph.D. Committee. The Ph.D. Committee shall have the discretion to modify the research topic and shall specify the faculty and the subject to which the topic belongs. The scholars proposing to carry out research work in the science departments of Gauhati University requiring or not requiring laboratory facilities shall pay ‘Laboratory fee’ at the prescribed rate and should enclose the duplicate copy of the receipt along with the application for provisional registration.
Candidate provisionally registered for Ph.D. Degree shall be required to apply for final registration in the prescribed form within 24(twenty four) months from the date of provisional registration.

Candidate failing to apply for final registration within 24 (twenty four) months from the date of provisional registration due to unavoidable circumstances may, on the recommendation of the concerned guide, be allowed under orders of the Vice-Chancellor to apply for final registration up to 36 (thirty six) months from the date of provisional registration on payment of late Registration fee at the prescribed rate. If a candidate does not apply for the final registration within 36 months his/her provisional registration will stand cancelled. However, he/she may be allowed readmission in the Ph.D. programme on the same topic and under the guidance of the same guide on payment of prescribed fees for the period, on recommendation of the guide.

Application for final registration in prescribed form shall be placed before the Ph.D. Committee. A report from the guide(s) through the concerned Head of the Department testifying to the candidate’s defence of his/her research programme in one open seminar along with the progress report from the scholar countersigned by the guide(s) must be enclosed. The Ph.D. Committee will consider such report and accord approval for the final registration of the scholar for the Ph.D. Degree. The Ph.D. Committee shall finally decide the title of the thesis, the subject and the faculty under which the thesis should be submitted.

The date of final registration shall be effective from the date of provisional registration.

Candidates with Master’s Degree from the University, other than Gauhati University shall be required to submit a copy of Gauhati University registration certificate along with the application for final registration.
A provisionally registered scholar shall submit through his/her guide the progress report of his/her work. The report shall be submitted once a year to the Academic Registrar through the concerned guide(s). If in two consecutive reports the progress of a scholar’s research work is found to be unsatisfactory he/she shall be automatically deregistered from the programme.
Full-time research scholars shall attend their respective departments and or laboratories according to the prearranged time-table and the records of their attendance shall be maintained by the concerned Guide(s).

In case of part-time scholars and scholars working in recognized research laboratory outside the Gauhati University, the Guide(s) must be satisfied that the scholar has done work for at least six months in the University Library/Laboratory/Department or in any other Library/Institute/Establishment/Laboratory recognized by the University for the purpose. This period of six months may include actual Field Work where applicable and to this effect the candidate shall be required to submit a certificate from their Guide(s) at the time of submission of his/her thesis.

Scholars employed in non-academic establishment shall be required to take at least 6 (six) months leave from their duty, but not necessarily at a stretch.
The students admitted under Ph.D. programme will have to undergo a Compulsory 6 month Course and have to complete the Course successfully. For details please refer to Annexure-II.
A scholar finally registered for Ph.D. Degree may submit the thesis after completion of 2 (two) years of research work from the date of registration, but not later than 5 (five) years.

If a scholar fails to submit the thesis within 5 (five) years from the date of registration, he/she may be allowed with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor and extension of one year which will be effective after the completion of 5th year of registration.

For extension of one year the scholar shall be required to submit an application through the Guide(s) justifying the need thereof by paying a prescribed fee for extended period of 1 year.

The final registration of the scholar shall stand cancelled after 6 (six) years from the date of registration and his/her name shall be struck off from the Ph.D. registration and the scholar shall not be allowed to work on the same topic any further. However, under very special circumstances the Vice-Chancellor may grant a scholar another grace period of 90 (ninety) days to submit the thesis after the expiry of the 6(six) year from the date of registration.
With the prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate fulfilling the eligibility condition stated in Clause 2 above, and with at least 10 (ten) years of teaching experience in the University Department or College within the territorial jurisdiction of Gauhati University and having adequate publication in standard Research Journal may apply for pursuing his/her Ph.D. Research programme independently. While seeking permission from the Vice-Chancellor, the candidate will have to submit certificates from two members of the concerned faculty of the University having experience in guiding research testifying the fitness of the candidate to pursue independent research. All other provision and conditions of these rules will be applicable to all such scholars working independently. A scholar having registered once under a guide shall not be permitted to submit his/her thesis independently.
The scholar shall be required to give pre-submission Seminar on his/her research finding within a month before the final date of submission, when the guide is of the opinion that the thesis in the final stage of completion. The presentation will be given in the presence of a Committee of at least 3 faculty members/recognized guides, one of which may be from an allied department. The candidate shall follow the recommendations of the Committee and incorporate these recommendations in his/her thesis. A copy of the recommendation shall be submitted to the Academic Registrar for records.
(a) The scholar for the Ph.D. degree shall submit four (one bound and the rest spiral-bound) copies (five copies in case of joint Guides) of his/her thesis as per rules in Annexure–VIII. The Thesis should embody the results of research and show evidence of originality through at least one publication in a standard research journal having ISSN/ISBN certification and number and produce evidence in the form of acceptance letter of reprint. Five copies of abstract not exceeding 1500 words shall be submitted at least 3 months before the date of submission of the thesis. The abstracts are to be sent to the examiners for obtaining their consent.

(b) The thesis must contain a certificate from the guide(s) stating that:

The scholar has fulfilled all requirements under these rules.
The thesis is the result of the scholar’s own investigation.
The Scholar has incorporated the recommendations/suggestions, if any, made at the pre submission seminar.

In case of a scholar submitting the thesis independently, the above declaration is to be given by the scholar.

(c) The thesis must also contain a declaration from the scholar to the effect that the thesis or part thereof was not submitted by him/her for any research degree to this University or any other University/Institution.

(d) At the time of submission of the thesis, every scholar shall pay a Ph.D. thesis examination fee at the prescribed rate. The fee once paid shall not be refunded.

(e) The students are to submit two copies of electronic version of the thesis along with hard copies at the time of submission of the thesis, which will be forwarded to digital repository set up at INFLIBNET Centre, immediately after declaration of Ph.D. result.
The thesis shall be examined by a Board of Examiners consisting of two external examiners and the guide(s) concerned and three external examiners in case of independent research. For this purpose the Ph.D. Committee shall finalize the panel of at least 8 (eight) names of examiners in the subject besides the guide(s).


External examiner shall mean any examiner other than guide(s) not belonging to the institution of the candidates and the guide(s).

From the panel finalized as above, the Vice-Chancellor shall select the Board of Examiners and the Academic Registrar will take necessary steps for evaluation of the thesis. In case of joint guides, either a combined report or two separate reports may be obtained.

All the examiners appointed to evaluate the thesis shall be requested to send along with the report on the thesis any questions to be put to the scholar during the Viva-Voce and/or practical examination.

If the thesis is recommended for Ph.D. degree unanimously by all the examiners, then it will be processed according to clause 16 (Viva-Voce and/or Practical Examination) below.

If the thesis is recommended for the Ph.D. degree by any two examiners and rejected by the third examiner, then the thesis will be referred to any external examiner (i.e., 4th examiner) from the panel already approved by the Ph.D. Committee and to be selected by the Vice-Chancellor. The assessment of the 4th examiner shall be final but if the 3rd examiner suggests for resubmission after revision, then the revised thesis be sent only to the examiner. If the 4th examiner suggests for resubmission after revision, then the scholar will be allowed to re-submit the thesis after necessary revision in the light of the comments of the examiner within one year, on payment of half the prescribed examination fees and the revised thesis will be sent only to this examiner who suggests revision.

If the 4th examiner recommends the thesis, the report of the recommendation will be considered along with the other reports already received and will be processed under clause 16 (Viva-Voce and/or Practical Examination) below.

If the thesis is suggested for re-submission after revision by any two examiners, the scholar will be allowed to re-submit the thesis after revision in the light of the comments of the examiners, within one year on payment of half the prescribed examination fees and the revised thesis will be sent to only those examiners who have suggested revision. If the revised thesis is recommended, the reports and the recommendation will be considered along with the other reports already received and will be processed under clause 16 (Viva-Voce and/or Practical Examination) below.

If the thesis is rejected by any two examiners, it shall be rejected.
After the thesis has been recommended by all the examiners for award of Ph.D. degree, the report of the examiners will be made available to the guide(s) by the Academic Registrar and the scholar shall be asked to appear at a Viva-Voce and/or practical examination.

The Viva-Voce will be conducted by at least two examiners, one external examiner and guide (In case of joint guides, one will be ordinarily present).
Provide that if any external and/or the guide are not readily available to conduct the Viva-Voce, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint other examiners for the purpose from the panel. If there are guides, more than one in number, the Vice-Chancellor may appoint any one or both as examiners for Viva-Voce. The examiners shall submit a combined report. In case of Ph.D. scholar doing independent research without any guide, the Viva-Voce will be organized by the concerned HOD and will be conducted by two external experts.

Candidates shall be required to pay a Ph.D. Viva-Voce fee for appearing in the Viva-Voce and/or practical examination at the prescribed rate on or before the date of the said examination. The fees for re-appearing at the Viva-Voce and/or Practical Examination shall be half the prescribed Viva-Voce fees.
If the thesis is recommended for award of the Ph.D. degree after the Viva-Voce and/or Practical Examination, the Academic Registrar with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor shall declare the result, pending approval of the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall approve the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and shall cause his/her name to be published with the title of the thesis, name of the guide(s), name of the faculty and Department to which the thesis belongs.

A certificate under the seal of the University and signed by the Vice-Chancellor will be given to each successful candidate at the next convocation for conferring the Degree.

For all other matters not covered above, the decision of the Research Council based on the recommendation of the Ph.D. Committee shall be final and binding.


Regarding the Admission Test to be conducted

  • A written test shall be held as per notification circulated by the Academic Registrar. Each year, the last date of holding the test shall be notified by the Academic Registrar. The written test shall be of 100 marks, for a duration of two hours and shall be held in the respective Departments. The date of the examination shall be fixed by the DRC/FRC; however the date of examination fixed by the Department shall not be after the last date notified by the Academic Registrar.
  • The question paper shall contain questions both from the TDC (Honours), as well as M.Sc. course. The weightage of each course shall be determined by the respective Departments. The question paper shall consist of both MCQ and short answer question, and the qualifying marks shall be 50%.
  • The result of the test should preferably be declared within one week of the date of examination and the same shall be notified in the Departments and a copy of the list of successful candidates shall be submitted to the Academic Registrar for necessary follow up action.
  • Successful candidates shall have to apply for admission to the Head of the Department in the prescribed form to be obtained from the office of the Academic Registrar within 10 days of notification of the list. It is mandatory on the part of the student, seeking admission, to get their application forwarded by the respective research supervisor along with a project proposal. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to get the consent of the supervisor. The Department shall not be responsible for providing suitable guide to the candidates.
  • The synopsis submitted by the candidates shall be examined internally by the Faculty members of the Department and the report shall be examined by the DRC/FRC. Any modifications/corrections suggested shall have to be incorporated in the Project. On the recommendation of the DRC/FRC the applications shall be forwarded to the Academic Registrar for admission of the candidates to the course.
  • Official steps shall be taken for completing the formalities of provisional Registration of all admitted Ph.D. candidates within a period of three months from the date of their admission.
  • A sum of Rs. 100 shall have to be submitted by the candidates along with their application to the Head of the respective Department and the amount shall be utilized for meeting the expenditure for organizing the admission test.
  • Candidates, who have qualified in the NET examination and those who have got their M.Phil. degree of Gauhati University or are already admitted to the M.Phil. course of Gauhati University, are exempted from appearing in the admission test.


Ph.D. Course work and Evaluation

  • Students admitted to the Ph.D. programme shall have to undertake a course work of six month duration. There will be four papers. Each paper shall be of six credits, which implies that there will be a total of 24 credit courses with the following papers. Total marks in each paper shall be 100 (20 internal, 20 sessional, 60 end semester examination) (i) Paper I – Research methodology (as per UGC recommendation) (ii) Paper II- Computer Application Numerical analysis/Environmental issue/Course designed by the Departments. (iii) Paper III – On the relevant subject (iv) Paper IV – On the relevant subject
  • Course for Paper I and II shall be framed by the Departments, which will be compulsory. Paper III and IV shall be subject specific. Each Department will offer several courses and the students shall exercise the option of choosing any two.
  • As the University has recognized several Colleges/Institutions outside the Campus, as centres for carrying out Research activities, these sister institutes shall exercise the option of framing their own course for paper III and IV, with the approval of the DRC/FRC.
  • All subject specific courses of the Department and of the sister institutes shall be subject to approval by the DRC/FRC of the Nodal Departments.
  • Sister Institutes shall conduct their course programme in their own institute. The question paper setting and evaluation process will be done by the department concerned in the University.
  • On completion of the course, students shall be required to sit for a written examination. They will be declared to have successfully completed the course, provided they secure the qualifying grades A, B, or C. Those securing D, E, or F grades shall have to attend the course in the next session and complete the formalities with the qualifying grades. Midterm and sessional tests may be conducted as per the convenience of the department and the sister institutes.
  • For convenience, the Ph.D. Courses shall be conducted during the period from January to June each year.
  • University may consider imposing a course fee from the students, if necessary.
  • Students admitted to the Ph.D. programme with an M.Phil. degree obtained from this University or from any other University, recognized by the Gauhati University, shall be exempted from undertaking the course. The University shall make necessary arrangement for issuing these candidates an appropriate certificate of this effect.
  • Evaluation of Ph.D. Course work will be conducted in the Departments internally by the DRC.
  • Preparation of question paper and evaluation of scripts/ dissertation/projects, etc. will be done by the Faculty members appointed by the DRC.
  • The results in the form of grades will be declared by the DRC of each Department.
  • The Sister research Institute recognized by the University will conduct Mid-Semester, sessional, internal assessment, etc. but the students are to appear at the end semester/final exam of Ph.D. Course work at the parent department of Gauhati University.
  • Prescribed format for certifying successful completion of the Ph.D. Course work will be circulated by the Academic Registrar to all the Departments/research institute, which will be used for declaration of the result.
  • The said Certificate in Duplicate, after signature of the HOD on recommendation of the DRC, will be forwarded to the Academic Registrar for Countersignature. A copy of the Certificate will be kept in the Department for record and the other will be issued to the candidate.
  • The HOD will be required to submit the list of all successful Ph.D. candidates who successfully completed the Course work along with the grade to the Academic Registrar for his record.
  • The Department may impose an exam fees, not exceeding Rs. 1000/- per candidate, to conduct Ph.D. Course work exam at the Department. However, the actual fees will be determined / fixed by the Department. The amount will be utilized by the Department and the accounts be settled by the DRC.
  • A Ph.D. student will be eligible for final Registration after successful completion of the Ph.D. Course work. Candidate will be given maximum of 3 (three) chances to clear the Course. For the candidates, who required 3 chances, will be allowed to pursue research work and his/her duration of final Registration may be extended by one year in addition to present period with a fine.


(A) Constitution of Departmental Research Committee (DRC) at all faculties.

The Departmental Research Committee will be constituted as follows.

- Head of the concerned Department of Gauhati University - Chairman and Convener.

- All the recognized Research Guides of the concerned Department of Gauhati University and the concerned research guide.

(B) For Engineering and Medical faculties there will be a faculty Research Committee constituted with

- Dean of faculty as Chairman and Convener.

- Five heads of Departments of concerned faculty to be chosen by rotation for a period of three years.

- Concerned Research Guides.

- Two members of the concerned faculty to be chosen by the concerned faculty for a period of three years.


The Research Council shall recognize Ph.D. Research guide on the recommendation of the Ph.D. Committee.

  • Any teacher of a University Department, who has served the Department for a period of two years or has a minimum of 2 research papers/articles (after obtaining Ph.D.) published in National/International Journal with ISSN/ISBN certification and number or has sponsored Research project, shall be eligible for guideship.
  • Teachers of affiliated colleges of the University, who have research experience of minimum three years, have at least 2 research papers published in National /International Journal with ISSN/ISBN certification and number, or who has sponsored major research project, shall be eligible for Ph.D. guideship, provided the College Laboratory has obtained recognition by the University. In case the teacher is engaged in research in Humanities, Social Science and Theoretical Research in Science subjects, the condition of recognition of the laboratory can be waived subject to recommendation of the DRC of the Nodal Department of the University.
  • Retired University teachers, who have attained the age of 65 years, shall be allowed to continue his/her guideship up to the age of 70 years provided he/she has sponsored Major Research Project of an amount of not less than Rs. 5 lakhs financed by any government agencies, subject to approval of the DRC and subject to adequate facilities being available in the Department.
  • The Research Council on the recommendation of DRC/FRC and Ph.D. Committee can recognize as guide, any person of eminence of any recognized University, National Institute, Library Research Institute with adequate Research Publications in Journals of National and International standard or with outstanding contribution with respective field, may be considered for Ph.D. guideship, provided the institute is recognized and within the State of Assam.
  • Eminent Scientists, Scholars of a recognized University, National Institute outside the state of Assam can be considered as a joint guide only provided his/her application is approved by the DRC of the relevant University Department. However, he/she shall be required to select a guide from the University and guide research in collaboration.
  • The applications for recognition of Ph.D. guide will be processed in the respective DRC/FRC and Chairman of the DRC/FRC will forward the same to the Academic Registrar after due scrutiny and comments by the DRC/FRC, which will be then placed before the Ph.D. Committee.


Rules for recognition of Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library//Museum for Ph.D. Research.

  • The Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum/ etc. should apply to the Academic Registrar in triplicate with an application of Rs.20,000/-, which is non-refundable, preferably in the month of June every year together with three copies of report containing information as per rules. The Research Council may also consider the applications from outside the territorial jurisdiction of the University. In such cases the applying authority will have to bear the total cost of T.A./D.A., etc. in connection with the inspection, in addition to the application fee.
  • A team consisting of at least two experts, along with Academic Registrar will visit the Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum, etc. and shall inspect the facilities for their satisfaction in the following aspects (where applicable):
    • A Library with adequate number of books (about two thousand) and journals (about 10) of National and International standard on the subject and allied fields of study;
    • A full-time qualified Librarian with supporting staff;
    • Adequate reading room facilities;
    • A Laboratory with adequate equipments and space (where applicable);
    • Adequate staff facilities for fabrication of specialized equipments needed for research (where applicable);
    • Adequate staff for running and maintenance of the range of equipments needed for research (where applicable);
    • Manuscript or Microfilming may be accepted as alternative (where applicable);
    • At least one person who has been recognized as Guide of the subject/discipline for which Ph.D. recognition is sought;
    • Details regarding land and building;
    • Areas of land stating whether permanent and belonging to the Institute;
    • Nature and type of building;
    • Numbers of rooms with space in which the concerned Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum is situated;
    • Details of financial sources of the concerned Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum, etc
      (i) Recurring grant received during the year previous to the visit and in the visit year (if available);
      (ii) Non-recurring grant(s) received during the year previous to the visit and in the visit year (if available);
      (iii) Any other financial sources (with details of magnitude and nature) including interest from fixed deposits, if any;
    • A whole time executive in charge of administration of the Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum.
  • The Committee will submit its report to the University with full details covering the above aspects along with its critical observations & recommendation, which will be submitted to the Research Council for further course of action. The Recommendation of the Research Council will be placed in the Executive Council for approval.
  • The matter regarding recognition will be subject to renewal on the basis of the report submitted by the Institute/Department/Centre/Laboratory/Library/Museum, etc. and after a periodic inspection, if necessary, after every two years.
  • Recognition will be accorded for a period of two years subject to renewal on the basis of report on activities to be submitted along with a non-refundable, prescribed renewal fee annually, if any recognized institute fails to renew the registration for 2 (two) continuous years, the recognition will stand cancelled.


Constitution of Ph.D. Committee

There will be a Ph.D. Committee for recommendation of:
  • Provisional Registration;
  • Final Registration;
  • Panel of Examiners; and
  • Research Guide.
The composition of Ph.D. Committee is given below:
  • Vice-Chancellor—Chairman;
  • Dean of the concerned Faculty—Member;
  • Head of the concerned Department—Member;
  • The concerned Guide(s) – Member, and
  • Academic Registrar — Convener.
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